At RAPA, our mission is to use our unique expertise in physical acoustics, compressible and elastic systems, optics, and fast diagnostics to develop practical technologies that address real-world applications in industries such as construction, advanced manufacturing, and commercial space flight.

To start, we're developing a high endurance, ultra-pure fluid reservoir with integrated volume sensor for the next generation NASA space suit, as well as innovative hearing protection relevant to the modern workplace.

We're also working on a new class of non-destructive evaluation (NDE) methods uniquely suited for interrogation of multiphase, composite, and nonlinear materials. Our novel broadband acoustic techniques couple with material phases over a broad range of scales to measure properties such as density, modulus, thickness, void fraction, void size, and even tensile strength, with high spatial resolution.

Finally, we have unique capabilities in a variety of high speed, high amplitude acoustic and optical techniques for exciting and probing fast phenomena, compressible flows, structural dynamics, high pressure equations of state, and dense plasmas. We're always looking for interesting, impactful problems to solve.

RAPA Technologies LLC, Meriden, NH